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Just Friends News

05/03/2011: Conclave of Wind downed by Just Friends.

04/03/2011: Ascendant Council downed by Just Friends.

20/02/2011: Valiona and Theralion downed by Just Friends.

17/02/2011: Chimaeron downed by Just Friends.

15/02/2011: Atramedes downed by Just Friends.

12/02/2011: Maloriak downed by Just Friends.

04/02/2011: Halfus Wyrmbreaker downed by Just Friends.

28/01/2011: Magmaw downed by Just Friends.

21/01/2011: Omnotron Defense System downed by Just Friends.

20/01/2011: Some major changes have been applied to the guild:

- New guild-rank called "Social". This rank will be given to members of the guild that aren't raiding. You could also join the guild as a social member now, however, you must have friends in the guild and respect the guild rules.

- New website design. We might be still changing a few features from the website.

- New guild-rules. Make sure you read them!

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